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Marcus Austin, Editorial Director, Crimson Publishing

"Crimson Publishing's portfolio of business sites is one of the leading English language business information brands in Europe. Startups.co.uk is the leading brand in that portfolio and System 7 enables us to keep driving it forward."



Michael Browne, Editor, Future Publishing Plc

"System 7 enabled us to quickly create a highly featured online sister for WhatLaptop magazine and it's fast becoming the industry leader"



David Rolph, Sales Director

"Growing Business magazine has become two equally important parts - magazine and Web portal - thanks to System 7"


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If you are a reseller or consultant you may be interested in partnering with us.
Contact sales to explore how we can help you enable the digital publishing revolution for others.

System 7 technology and services provide publishers with a new way to build and operate successful Web portals, sister sites for print brands and online communities. The innovative software platform used by System 7 enables the faster, more efficient, and more effective development and operation of revenue generative digital publications.

We provide a one stop shop for publishers aiming to succeed commercially online, providing consultancy and site development services, the most innovative publishing focused software available, and cloud hosting services enabling publishers to forget hardware and technical maintenance issues.

Talk to us and find out why we are leaders when it comes to advanced Web 2.0 digital publishing.

Recent News

5th January 2009 Final designs have been agreed for System 7 Version 4.0. The new system will combine architectural changes designed to further expedite and reduce the cost of developing 90% of high end commercial online publications, and leverage several new technologies developed by the parent iiobo group. These include using the VisionX content editing system to enable in-place WYSIWYG editing of article content on Web pages, and the integration of Linear Threading System, a technology for improving community commenting and forum discussion.

1st April 2008 All cloud services are now connected via multiple transit service providers including Level 3, AboveNet, Global Crossing, KPN Europe and PacketExchange eXpress providing additional resilience and optium international performance for hosted websites.

1st October 2006 System 7 Version 3.0 has now been released, and System 7 is pleased to announce that clients will be launching the first Web magazines built on the new platform by the end of October. System 7 Version 3.0 supports a plethora of Web 2.0 functionalities, including the sophisticated social networking frameworks that can be used to tightly bind a publication to its users, and marks an enormous step forward for the company. Clients are now developing digital publications using the full range of functionality provided by Version 3.0, and new types of digital publication never before seen are expected to be launched early 2007.


Olympia, London
For immediate release, 25th April 2006

"Dominic Williams, founder and Managing Director of digital publishing technology pioneer System 7 will speak at Publishing Expo 2006 to talk about the dramatic shift from print to digital, together with guest speakers David Maher-Roberts, Head of New Media at Future plc, and Lawrence Long, Marketing Director of Crimson Business Limited..."

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