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System 7 Manage

Managed Web hosting for System 7 installations

In the highly competitive digital publishing market, publishers face conflicting pressures to minimize costs and improve their services. System 7 Hosting makes it possible to achieve both objectives with both System 7 Platform and System 7 Express hosting accounts that are available on a subscription basis, enabling publishers to operate digital publications without their own hosting operations.

Hosted System 7 provision provides the following benefits:

  • A single fixed monthly cost
    System 7 Hosting is provided for a fixed monthly cost, which includes support, software licenses, server account administration, database backup and many other features that would normally have to be handled by the publisher. By purchasing these items through a single agreement, publishers can greatly reduce their costs and simplify their operations (digital publications can be managed entirely through System 7 control panels on a private website).
    Note: in circumstances where high profile digital publications experience large traffic loads additional hosting resources such as bandwidth and database space may be purchased from System 7
  • The latest software on tap
    The System 7 team constantly upgrades its managed servers in a way that ensures that no digital publication is broken in the process. This means that publishers gain instant access to the latest features and technologies, which are developed in response to feedback and requests received from a wide variety of customers and evolving industry best practices.
  • No server purchase or maintenance necessary
    The purchase and maintanance of Web servers is both time consuming and costly. By using System 7 Hosting, publishers can outsource this requirement entirely. System 7 Hosting accounts run from state-of-the-art 64-bit server machines, which are operated from a facility in Docklands, London, and shortly from a new facility in the US.
  • Fanatical user support
    Because System 7 is dedicated solution provider for publishers, it understands the critical importance of support in making digital publications a success. Engineers in the System 7 team have spent many years with the product as it has evolved, and working in the digital publishing market, which enables them to provide support to both non-technical personnel such as editorial staff or advertising sales, and technical personnel such as Web developers who may be working with a System 7 Platform solution.
  • Rigorous data backup procedures
    Many publishers do not realize the importance of backing up their content and digital publications until it is too late, and some publishers believe they have sufficient procedures in place only to discover they are broken at the point of failure. System 7 Hosting places backup operations in the hands of professionals, providing peace of mind and further cost savings.
  • 24-hour site monitoring
    System 7 monitors its sites 24-7 using automated systems, and is the first to know of a problem when something goes wrong, providing a further layer of benefit to publishers.

Find out more about System 7 Platform and System 7 Express.

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