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Dominic Williams
System 7
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London, Olympia – April 25, 2006 – Dominic Williams, founder and Managing Director of digital publishing technology pioneer System 7 will speak at Publishing Expo 2006 to talk about the dramatic shift from print to digital, together with guest speakers David Maher-Roberts, Head of New Media at Future plc, and Lawrence Long, Marketing Director of Crimson Business Limited.

Williams will highlight that according to an April 2006 report by Merryl Lynch analyst Lauren Rich, online advertising spend will this year surpass that of magazines and the Yellow Pages, and ask whether there might be an analogy between glossy magazines and CDs. Williams says, “What has happened with music downloading has shown that change can happen very fast, that new winners and losers will emerge and that the magazine industry has to be ready to react very quickly”.

Sir Martin Sorrel, Chief Executive of WPP, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, went so far to say at the 2005 Interactive Advertising Bureau Engage conference that traditional media owners could no longer afford to hold off going digital because the shift from old to new media “is happening now and is strong, rapid and large”, even going on to say that there was “tremendous violence in traditional media as it continues to get displaced by digital”. Online advertising spend soared 65.5% in the UK during 2005 according to the IAB.

Williams will also discuss the emergence of interesting new types of competitor to traditional journalism online, including citizen journalism, currently most popular in the form of blogs, and “purpose driven media” that competes with magazines by accident – drawing attention to popular price comparison shopping sites, where reviews of products are hosted together with the links to vendor offerings, indirectly competing with consumer-oriented magazines that review and compare products.

From there Williams will draw on extensive experience in digital publishing gained at System 7 to briefly discuss seven ways that magazine publishers that are keen to push the digital envelope can make their interactive publications more successful and profitable. These are:

  1. Focus on community forums and blogs, and integrate user generated content with own content
  2. Automatically advertise all relevant online portfolio content to site visitors, depending upon what page they have shown an interest in
  3. Do not view content as belonging to any particular website or publication, and cross syndicate and share content to create numerous online properties
  4. Restrict access to some content, to make users register their details, and where appropriate raise extra revenues using pay-per-view (PPV)
  5. Offer advertisers special stakeholder sections within sites on a rental basis, where they can add their own advertorial content
  6. Create special online services and databases that put your publication at the centre of your sector, and fully leverage the digital medium
  7. Learn to fly in the clickstream, where the cost of inbound traffic from search advertising is exceeded by revenues generated by banner advertising

Williams will also stress the need for magazine publishers to devise integrated digital strategy for their portfolio, rather than expecting magazines to take individual responsibility for progressing digital, and the importance of recognising the need to invest in digital now in order to be able to ride the wave of approaching changes.

The System 7 PowerPoint from the seminar can be downloaded from:


System 7 has pioneered digital publishing platform technology since 2002, and has blue chip firms and market leading Web portals and magazines amongst its customers. It provides a software platform for the rapid development of custom interactive publications with integrated tools and management systems enabling low cost, revenue focused operation, and a package called System 7 Express that offers ready-made systems templates for online magazines and Web portals. System 7 (operated by Centre Technologies Limited) also provides publishers with digital consultancy, XML consultancy and managed hosting services.


Future plc is the UK’s leading special interest publisher, with over 150 print titles, 30 websites, 75m monthly page views and 6m unique visitors, and David Maher-Roberts is in charge of their new media operation.

Crimson Business Limited is the UK’s largest publisher of information for SME’s, and operator renowned Startups.co.uk Web-only portal, which has won AOP Best Digital Service provider prize yet started life as a print magazine. As Marketing Director Lawrence Long plays a key role in online strategy and development.


For information: www.system7.com
Contact: Dominic Williams
Email: - PLEASE CALL -
Phone: 07710 469 456

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