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Rapid Digital Publication Development, Cross Media and ROI Technologies

Skinning the PMS can quicklybootstrap publishing operations

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System 7 consists of three core technologies:

  • System 7 PMS (Publication Management System)

    Content management systems first appeared during the 1990s, enabling non-technical users to manage content and developers to create workflows and dynamic websites more quickly.

    The "publication management system" is a similar concept but operates above the content management layer and is concerned with the management and development of whole Web publications, and their higher-level features and functions.

    Websites can either be fully or partially PMS-integrated. A partially integrated Web publication is typically a normal dynamic or static site that has been imported into the PMS framework, possibly in unchanged form. A fully integrated publication is created by the development and installation of a special set of .NET tempate pages, called a skin.

    The PMS provides a wide range of native management functionalities, which are automatically bonded to the publications running inside it depending upon their integration level. Available functionalities, which can be extended by developers, include systems for advanced traffic analysis, community and interactivty, advertising, premium content, e-commerce, subscription, online marketing, multi-level access control, content association and other modules that enable rich operation.Health Questions

    Using the PMS, developers can quickly rapidly develop not just content driven websites, but complete running infrastructures for the operation of sophisticated ROI-driven custom online publications that have feature sets matching or exceeding those of high-end portals that have cost millions to develop.

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  • System 7 CMS (XML Content Stores)

    The world of content management is rapidly changing. Content became structured with the advent of XML (eXtensible Markup Language), and new standards such as XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 are making it increasingly amenable to processing and querying. Furthermore, cross media publishing business models are making new, complex demands of systems.

    System 7 CMS is a next generation content management system optimized for the challenges of today and tomorrow, that moves the science of content management forward in areas such as content syndication, content taxonomy, media bundling and XML processing. The product also provides snap-in integration with System 7 PMS.

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  • System 7 EPA (Enterprise Publishing Architecture)

    As the number of publications in a portfolio increases, the difficulty of tracking production, consumption by customers and ROI also grows. Many large publishers handle this complexity by grouping related publications into different divisions, and making publications justify themselves as individual businesses. But as cross media publishing grows in importance, and content is increasingly syndicated between publications, this is becoming insufficient.

    Many large publishers are unable to answer questions such as "what quantities of news, features and review articles are being produced and by whom?", "what was the relative consumption of these article types online" and "what are the relative production/consumption ratios for different article types?".

    System 7 EPA is currently supplied as a tailored solution, and hooks data generated by System 7 CMS and System PMS to provide business insight for business and portfolio optimization, and ROI maximization.

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